Over the past few years, Kimberley Heberley’s made a coveted trajectory from West Australian, Perth girl to a serious artist on the rise. She has single handedly booked and performed for some of Australia’s hottest acts, relocated cities for her music, stared down the barrel and survived cut-throat reality singing television, is working hard towards releasing music of her own, all whilst following it up with a blossoming acting career.
But, it is her unwavering ability to write and deliver pop perfection piano ballads that truly defines and continues to navigate her career as a storyteller and true artist.

It may be alot to take in, but all of this makes sense for Heberley who’s passion lies at the heart of practicing piano since she was seven years old. Music became her identity but it was songwriting which gave her a purpose.

“I began songwriting to express myself in a way that is honest and without inhibition. I wanted to emulate how I felt when I was learning the songs on piano and would play the music by my idols, Alicia Keys and Delta Goodrem. Their music connects me to a place in my heart that is real and true. The first song I wrote is called “What We Once Had”. Being able to make people connect with the emotion and lyrics I write is what I love about songwriting. Seeing how people reacted to this gave me the confidence and drive to keep writing songs. ”

The bonafide solo keys player/vocalist has centered almost an entire career around years worth of gigging original material and live performance experience which has cultivated a fierce and dedicated following thanks to her stellar live sets.

Heberley has performed both nationally and internationally for her work as a solo artist and songwriter. She has represented Australia on the global stage, performed alongside artists including Samantha Jade and Dami Im, regularly showcases on television, radio, festivals and continues to focus on working towards releasing music of her own.

Heberley is a multifaceted artist who’s transition from Perth to Melbourne also sparked the beginning of her acting career. Her stage debut was marked in the original production, ‘A Scandal In The Weimar’ collectively as the musical director, actor, vocalist and musician. She has also worked as the musical director for musical theatre productions with credits including ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, ‘Grease’ and ‘Matilda’.

TV credits include ‘Upper Middle Bogan’ and one of the highlights of her experiences as an actor was recently featuring in a commercial for ‘Faulding, Probiotics’ alongside her identical twin sister. Together, they’ve also recently wrapped up filming for the short film, “Bully”.   

Now more than ever, Heberley is firing.

To honour the artist she truly is, tell the stories which need to be told and to make sure you’re right there with her.